MacLean Street Apartments

The Paraparaumu Beach town centre has been given a significant boost by the creation of the Alexander Kramer Apartments. This development is a mix of freehold townhouses, unit title apartments and retail units, and is located in the heart of our Paraparaumu Beach community.

Our planning team worked hard to ensure the resource consent was granted on a non-notified basis. This involved stakeholder engagement and neighbour consultation to ensure the project was appropriate for the site.

Tight site constraints meant that space was at a premium, and our talented team of engineers had a job on their hands crafting an engineering design to service the site. Finally, our surveyors searched through old records to calculate and mark the boundary positions as part of the land transfer surveys needed to obtain new titles.

This is a project we are proud to put our name to and it has been a real pleasure working with the team at Future Developments to bring their vision to life.

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