Professional Service and Supreme Award Winners 2019 - Wellington Region Business Award

Expert Land Surveyors, with over 65 years’ experience
in the Wellington region

      Our surveying services include:


Site surveys (topographical surveys)


Boundary surveys


Easement and covenant plans


Building and construction setouts


BOMA (rentable area) surveys


Subdivision surveying


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Brendan Robinson

Thank you very much for your hard work to get us to this stage.  I will definitely recommend you and Cuttriss in the future.  You not only were good at the job, but also great to deal with as a good person to talk to and you explained things well. I really appreciated that

Experts in Surveying

We’ve got some of the most skilled surveyors in the Wellington region on our staff. Our team of surveyors are professionally qualified, and maintain the highest technical and professional standards. Our focus is on producing high-quality and accurate work every time.
We use the latest computer software and up-to-date surveying equipment, and carry out all work electronically. You’ll be able to get the finished electronic site plans and information in a variety of formats.
We have long-standing, excellent working relationships with all Councils in the Wellington region. This means we understand what Councils need, so we can get it right the first time – saving you time and money.
See examples of our work in the Portfolio section, and find out what our clients say about our work in the Testimonials section.

Some of our work

Our Wellington Surveying Services

Site surveys (topographical surveys)
Site surveys accurately record the location and heights of buildings, boundaries, trees, roads, services and other features on your site.

You may need a site survey if you are:

  • subdividing your property
  • undertaking a land development
  • building a new house, garage or building
  • designing an addition to a house
  • landscaping.
Boundary surveys
We can carry out a boundary survey to define your property boundaries. Boundary surveys are useful if you are:

  • building a fence
  • building a new building
  • carrying out construction work close to the boundary
  • resolving boundary issues.
Easement and covenant plans
We can prepare an easement or covenant plan for your site. These plans show areas with restrictions on them due to existing services or features. You may need an easement or covenant plan for:

  • drainage
  • right of ways
  • height restrictions
  • QEII covenants.
Building and construction set-out
We can provide setouts for your building or construction project, including:

  • accurate setout of positions and levels
  • offset positions and datum points (for building and contractors to work from)
  • asbuilt plans.
BOMA (rentable area) surveys
We can carry out BOMA (rentable area) surveys for landlords. Rentable area surveys give the measurements of internal areas available to lease, in buildings, shops, offices and industrial premises.

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