Aerial Surveying & Drones

We use advanced drone technology to redefine workflows and enhance our deliverables, enabling our work to be more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective.

Why use drone technology?


Efficient and cost-effective


Minimise or avoid health and safety risks


Reduce traffic management requirements


Non-intrusive measurement


Colour 3D models to assist interpretation of traditional survey data


Measurement of inaccessible terrain/structures/environments


Accurate visual record projects – before, during, and after completion

Experts in aerial surveying & drones

Cuttriss is proud to be the first locally-owned surveying company based in the lower North Island to hold the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Part 102 CAA Certification. Our pilots are certified as meeting the CAA Part 102 competency standards.

What can Cuttriss deliver?

We offer a wide variety of deliverable’s and can export in data formats to suit your needs:

  • Survey accurate orthorectified image
  • Colour point cloud
  • Volume/area calculations
  • Contour lines
  • Feature extraction
  • 3D textured mesh
  • Grid Digital Surface Model (DSM) / Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • ‘Fly-through’ videos


Drone technology can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • Small to very large topographic surveys
  • Environmental monitoring surveys
  • Construction monitoring and as-builts
  • Quarry/earthworks volume calculations
  • Videography and photography for marketing purposes
  • Construction monitoring
  • Agriculture & horticulture mapping and analysis
  • Forestry analysis
  • Natural disaster management and assessment
  • Erosion mapping
  • Remote inspection of hazards/structures/buildings
  • Archaeological surveys

Why is the CAA certification important?

The Civil Aviation Authority governs the use of airspace and sets the rules for drone users. These rules include the requirement to obtain permission from every person the drone flies over, as well as the landowners. Recent media coverage has highlighted the importance of understanding the rules for operating drones as well as the associated risks.

Cuttriss’ pilots have withstood rigorous assessments for competency in accordance with the CAA requirements, demonstrating they can operate drones responsibly and safely. Our exposition document allows us to operate over people and property without permission, as well as within certain restricted airspaces.

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