For more than 40 years Cuttriss has worked with the Kapiti Retirement Trust, which recently celebrated 60 years of supporting Kapiti. Cuttriss is proud to work alongside the Trust to deliver independent living and creating thoughtful communities.

Currently, Kapiti Retirement Trust is the largest not-for-profit organisation on the Coast. In Muriwai Court, Sevenoaks and Midlands Gardens, the Trust offers a full range of retirement living options, from studio apartments through to large standalone villas.

The Trust employs more than 140 staff and supports many local businesses with on-site work. It is proud of its higher than average staff-to-resident ratios in The Lodge (an aged-care hospital) and low staff turnover. The Trust believes staff are their most valued asset and works to create a friendly, inclusive environment for all.

Cuttriss’ association with the Trust first began when E A Cuttriss, founding Director, joined the Board of Trustees and served on this between 1973-1978.

Alan Milne, a former Kapiti Mayor and Cuttriss Director, was also instrumental in the late 70’s, establishing villas in Muriwai Court and the subsequent development of Sevenoaks and Midlands Gardens. Alan was a Board member from 1984 and Chairman from 1997-2001. Today he is one of only five honorary life members of the Trust.

Mark Edgar, is a current Cuttriss Director and Board member of the Trust.  He was hands-on with the planning, infrastructure design, and construction of both Sevenoaks and Midlands Gardens from the initial concept.

Early development of Sevenoaks Village.

Early development of Sevenoaks Village.

Reflecting on his work, Mark says it’s been very satisfying to see the village flourish as Kapiti’s retirement village of choice.

Mark Edgar with Wendy Huston, Kapiti Retirement Trust CEO at Seveonoaks

“Cuttriss was able to use its specialised skills in land development, design, and surveying to help shape the villages from bare land to the bustling hubs they are today. The villas are so popular there is a long waiting list to get into one.”

Mark’s work as a Board member also involves providing sound advice relating to the protection, enhancement, and development of the Trust’s assets, including a new development currently under construction within the Sevenoaks village.

The new villa development at Sevenoaks

“The Trust has acquired a small piece of land next to Sevenoaks, and three villas are being constructed there. We were able to identify this opportunity for the Trust and provide design and survey work to get the extension off the ground.”

Looking to the future, the Trust puts any surpluses it generates from developing and running the villages straight back into supporting their charitable activities.

The Trust currently has assets around $90 million, which Mark believes places it in a great position to support Kapiti for a long time to come, and so will the team at Cuttriss.