Greener Kāpiti Possible By 2025

Apr 23, 2018

Kāpiti Coast, Friday 20 April 2018 – A large-scale Lego model of Kāpiti has set the bar for what the region could look like by 2025 if the community works together to meet the challenges of climate change.


Low Carbon Kāpiti has mentored young aspiring planners, surveyors, engineers and builders
since February to create a Kāpiti of the future, made entirely from Lego.

A panel of experts, including Robert Vale, Professor of Architecture at Victoria University,
assessed the Lego creations yesterday at Coastlands in Paraparaumu, ahead of the prize giving
for the best creators. Kyan and Camea Boeyen won first place, and Richard Morgan took out the
People’s Choice Award.

Cuttriss, Wellington-wide planners, surveyors and engineers, are a principal sponsor of the
project. Monique Leith, a Senior Planner, says the team is impressed by the next generation’s
vision for Kāpiti.

“Most of the models on display are well within the bounds of existing, or nearly existing,
technology. There is land in Kāpiti suitable for medium-density and mixed-use development.
Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is already being rolled out in other communities, and
we have a growing cycleway network”.

Hon Kris Faafoi, MP for Mana, who attended the prizegiving, says Kāpiti is already working to
make the community more sustainable.

“It was great to see a wind turbine as part of the Lego town, on what looks like Paekākāriki Hill,
we’ve been working with the community on a similar project – our young people’s vision for the
future is incredibly realistic and achievable’.

Jake Roos, Chair of Low Carbon Kāpiti, says the community has been incredibly supportive.

“More than 600 people voted in the People’s Choice Award, and it’s been fantastic to see the
crowds at the display each day – it’s great to see parents and their children get so involved with
the project”.

Monique Leith says Cuttriss is proud to sponsor the event – every day they work to positively
influence the environment by design and says there are simple things we can all do at home to
make Kāpiti more sustainable.

“Aim for zero waste – ditch your rubbish bin and divert your waste between composting and
recycling. Say no to disposable items and invest in reusable products to replace items you throw
away – food containers, straws, bags, plastic wrap, coffee cups, and bottled water. The list is
endless – go for gold!”.

Build a Lego Kāpiti is on display until the 29th of April 2018, at Coastlands Shopping Town. You
can find out more about the project and Low Carbon Kāpiti’s work here