Residential developers, Seagrass Estates, engaged Cuttriss Consultants in 2016 to design and oversee the subdivision of residentially zoned land off Moana Street in Otaki Beach.

With plans to build residential housing, Cuttriss were able to further incorporate thoughtful designs into this exciting new subdivision. In this case that included greater public access to the Waitohu Stream and better utilisation of previously unoccupied and unused land – which resulted in 39 new residential sections, issued to happy owners in January of this year.


Previously the Otaki Beach Campground, the camp closed down approximately 15 years ago and the land had become overgrown and unoccupied. Located within close proximity to Otaki Beach and adjacent to the Waitohu Stream, the site was popular with local recreational fishermen and particularly popular with whitebaiters.

Although not a council requirement, Cuttriss felt it was important to maintain these strong community connections with the stream and incorporate greater public access into the subdivision design. The developer shared Cuttriss’ passion for creating unique and thoughtful environments and was willing to spend additional money to create a higher level of amenity and make this place extra special for its community.



  • The subdivision design incorporated a dedicated pedestrian access from Moana Street to the new internal road, and another dedicated access from the internal road to the Waitohu Stream.
  • Access ways were made extra wide to accommodate quad bikes which local whitebaiters use to carry their gear.
  • The narrow esplanade strip was extended alongside the Waitohu to a 20m wide esplanade reserve so the public could fully utilise this area alongside the stream.
  • Cuttriss offered a large parcel of land on the opposite side of the stream (which is flood prone and can’t be built on) to the regional council, which was rejected, so instead facilitated the transfer of this land to the adjoining neighbour.
  • During the process it was discovered that another neighbouring property utilised land within the client’s site for their own private access, so a separate access was created for them as part of the construction works.
  • Cuttriss kept interested neighbours up to date throughout the construction phase, which can be a disruptive and noisy time.
  • A section of public footpath along Moana Street was connected up to complete the pedestrian network in the immediate vicinity.
  • The original landform of the site was undulating sand dunes. This dune topography provided the opportunity to create a unique residential area that utilised these contours – creating lots of varying levels (some with ocean views) and an overall development that is more visually appealing than a flat site.
  • Finer details of the design incorporated exposed aggregate crossings within the road carriageway, open timber fencing along reserve areas, thoughtful landscaping within the road environment.
  • The project involved creating approx 400m of new road, rights of way, as well as new pedestrian connections to Moana Street and the Waitohu Stream. The creation of a reserve along the bank of the Waitohu Stream has helped to provide additional public access to the stream.
  • Click-together plastic modules were used to construct the four stormwater soak pits around the site. These are a relatively new product and are significantly more space efficient than traditional rock-filled soak pits. Fast and easy to install, the soak pits store stormwater run-off and allow it to be gradually released back into the groundwater reserves by infiltration.


To undertake the necessary planning, surveying and engineering work needed to ultimately facilitate the issue of new titles which could then be sold by the developer. The overall process required significant involvement from members of our Kapiti Office planning, surveying and engineering teams.

Key aspects of Cuttriss involvement included: subdivision and engineering design, stakeholder engagement and consultation, obtaining resource consent approval, contractor engagement, construction observation and supervision, obtaining compliance sign-offs from KCDC, preparing the cadastral survey dataset, coordinating with the solicitor, and lodging with LINZ


The Civil Works Contract was awarded to Piling and Drilling Services Ltd who completed the earthworks and sub-contracted to several small local companies to complete particular aspects of the construction (e.g. drain laying, concreting, asphalting, fencing, etc).



Celebrating 70 years in the industry, Cuttriss Consultants are leading experts in land surveying, civil engineering and resource management planning in New Zealand.

Working with a range of stakeholders, including; business owners, developers, local Councils, central government agencies and local Iwi, Cuttriss Consultants take pride in creating thoughtful, socially and environmentally conscious spaces.

At the forefront of significant projects including the Aotea and Waikanae North housing subdivisions, as well as the relocation of Saint Patricks/Our Lady of Kapiti School Cuttriss is working to build mutually beneficial relationships with our local communities.