Photo: Kris Faafoi, MP for Mana visited Aotea with Cuttriss Consultants

The Greater Wellington region is undergoing significant change. Transmission Gully is due to be completed next year, and other major infrastructure projects underway, including the Expressway north of Kapiti, are opening up the region like never before.

Porirua is experiencing growth as more people look to move into new homes in the area.  Aotea is one of the largest developments currently underway. With thoughtful design and careful consideration of the environment around it, demand for homes in Aotea is strong as the project enters its final stages.

Cuttriss Consultants take pride in creating thoughtful, socially and environmentally conscious spaces, and have been working closely with Carrus, the developers of Aotea, since 2010.  

Since 2010, the team have delivered more than 445 sections for sale in Aotea, with a goal of establishing a community which responds to environmental needs, as well as creating a high-quality lifestyle for its residents north of New Zealand’s capital.

To enhance and protect the environment, thousands of native trees and shrubs have been planted, almost 50 hectares of green space has been established or set aside, and a significant network of walking tracks have been built.

Cuttriss Consultants also worked with ecology experts to design and construct a number of wetland areas which filter and treat stormwater run-off before it enters Porirua Harbour.

Rob Holmes, an Engineer with Cuttriss, says through erosion and sediment control, the wetland areas help protect Porirua Harbour, which is close to Aotea.

In helping create the wetlands, to protect the harbour, we are ensuring the development has minimal impact on the receiving environment in future,” says Rob Holmes.

Kris Faafoi, MP for Mana and the team at Cuttriss Consultants discuss the Aotea project

Kris Faafoi is the MP for Mana and recently visited Aotea with the team from Cuttriss, to look at how the site is protecting the environment.

I wanted to make sure that projects such as the Aotea development are being delivered within their commitment to protect the local environment, including the nearby wetlands that are a distinctive part of the Porirua basin.

Work like this is an integral part of any major development project, particularly in a growing Porirua city.” says Kris Faafoi, MP.

When completed, Cuttriss will have helped create 652 sections within the Aotea Development. Colin McElwain, Director Cuttriss Consultants, says sections are selling fast.

75 lots in the Rotorua Grove area (the latest stage) sold in just three days. Demand for new homes in this part of Wellington is incredibly high – with Transmission Gully due to be completed next year, Porirua is better connected with communities to the north and south,” says Colin McElwain.

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